About Us

Quality mushroom spawns are essential for productive Mushroom cultivation. Science Farmers is being operated from Bangalore, has taken manoeuvre in providing quality spawns to farmers. We distribute Oyster, Milky and Button mushrooms to customers from growers and can supply spawns to growers all over India.


  • To be the premier supplier of mushroom spawns in every region in which we operate while being nostalgic.
  • To make Mushrooms a necessity in the Fruits and vegetable basket of every house hold.


  • Increase the level of awareness about the Product attributes & benefits.
  • Increase frequency of purchase.
  • Promote health consciousness using Mushrooms as flag association.
  • Build GMP Image to reflect quality & professionalism through aligning internal resources and external activities to meet the value proposition requirements.
  • Create value for customers, employees and the community through the consistent production of top quality mushroom spawns in a culture that fosters respect, employee development and creativity.
  • To provide assistance to farmers, as mushroom farming is a boo-conversion of agriculture waste into a healthy food, it directly and indirectly helps farmers engaged in the conventional agriculture.


  • Quality Performance Compliance with productive mushroom farming: Focusing on the production of high quality mushroom spawns for a productive mushroom cultivation.
  • Continuous improvement: to improve continuously in pursuit of the group values by setting targets and through encouragement of our staff.