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How many bags can I do with 1 kg of spawn?

That depends with the type you want to grow, spawning rate and size of the bag/crate/shelf. However let me give you an example using our recommended spawning rate of 10-15% (oyster mushrooms).The first thing is you need to know the weight of dry substrate of your bag, assuming you put 1 kg dry substrate material then the amount of spawn on such a bag is 100-150 grams.

Do you help on marketing my mushroom if I grow?

We are establishing mushroom marketing services for mushroom growers but let me also state that our capacity might be limited depending on demand from retail outlets, communication must be sent to us when you expect a high output we need at least two week’s notice before you start harvesting.

How much do I need to start a mushroom growing project?

That question has many answers as there are people wishing to grow mushrooms: it depends with the scale of operation, type to be grown, type of growing rooms, scale of mechanization, do you have some existing building or you building from scratch, and where you are. The list is endless, your market research should give you an answer, above all what is the break even point, we encourage beginners to start small and grow gradually unless you are being guided by a consultant.

How long can spawn be stored?

The ideal storage temperature for most strains of spawn is 0 to 2°C. At this temperature the spawn can be kept for 2 to 4 months. In the room temperature spawn can be stored for 5 days(heat should be avoided). To prevent overheating, never store boxes together. Place the boxes on shelves, or stack them in an alternating manner like bricks, always being sure to leave ± 10 cm space for air flow between the boxes.

Can you guarantee a certain yield and mushroom quality for the strains you ship?

It is a general rule in mushroom cultivation that the results entirely depend on the way you treat the mycelium:

  • type and treatment of substrate
  • type of bag (gas exchange is extremely important for Shiitake!)
  • quality of spawn at the time of inoculation
  • inoculation rate
  • situation (temperature in the first place) in the incubation/ maturation rooms
  • climate control during fructification
  • and a number of other factors also influence the yield and aspect of the mushrooms

As a result, it is impossible to “guarantee” yields or the efficiency of any form of substrate transformation.

I only need a small quantity of spawn. Can I order this at your place?

Certainly, we also sell for hobby and educational purposes. Considering man hours and transport costs, it is more expensive than larger quantities, but it will most likely still be the best deal you will find anywhere.

How do l buy or order spawn?

Pay 50% deposit and once your spawn is ready rest 50% has to be paid before delivery including packaging and transport charges. We do not stock spawn for technical reasons.